Why CBD Gum?

Why CBD Gum?

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Chances are you’ve at least heard of CBD—or cannabidiol—by now, even if it’s not already in your routine. But when you think of CBD, what comes to mind: edibles? capsules? infused sparkling water? 

You want to get the most effective experience possible from any supplement you’re using. The first thing you need to know about CBD is that not all CBD is created equal—and neither are its different forms. The most potent way to feel the benefits of CBD is by ingesting it orally, such as with a tincture or CBD chewing gum, like Favour. So, let’s dive into the hows and whys behind CBD gum.

How CBD works

CBD provides an array of amazing benefits, pertaining to stress reduction, sleep, inflammation, digestion, pain management, and more. But to feel these benefits to the fullest, your body needs to be able to absorb as much CBD as possible into its bloodstream. 

The human body has a unique neurotransmitter network called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which is composed of humans’ built-in receptors for CBD and other cannabinoids. When consumed, CBD travels through your bloodstream to bind with endocannabinoids. 

Our bodies are able to send these compounds to our brains, immune system, GI tract, and other locations, regulating emotions and physical processes. 

Bioavailability: the most reliable gauge of power

Enter bioavailability: the volume and rate at which a substance is absorbed by your body. What most people don't know, is that each form of CBD has different bioavailability, which explains why you might not “feel” anything from biting down on a piece CBD chocolate or eating other CBD products (i.e. cbd gummies), but you feel instantly zen when drinking a matcha latte with CBD oil. 

CBD-infused products such as edibles or capsules go through the body’s digestive system before ever hitting the bloodstream, which not only slows down the absorption process but also limits how much CBD the body takes in. For these routes, scientists estimate that only 5-6% of CBD is absorbed through metabolization. This low bioavailability led experts to develop other cannabis delivery systems, like sublingual use. 

Taking CBD sublingually means that the substance enters the body through the mucus membranes in your mouth and under the tongue—skipping metabolization and working right away. Both tinctures—concentrated hemp oils with a high bioavailability—and Favour Gum are absorbed through the body this way, allowing for greater absorption and working faster than other delivery methods. 

CBD gum: chew on it

CBD-infused chewing gum like Favour offers one of the most reliable ways to consume CBD. By arriving packaged in the perfect dose (10mg of CBD per piece), it eliminates the guesswork of how much to take or when you’ll start to feel its effects. Not only that, but Favour is discreet, portable, and easy to use practically anywhere you would chew a normal piece of gum. 

Like with any supplement, you want to use a CBD brand you trust. At Favour, we use high-quality, hemp-derived CBD (less than 0.3%  THC) that is CO2-extracted to preserve its potency. Favour is sugar-free, non-gmo, vegan, and has a tasty mint flavor to fresh your breath. Our use of natural ingredients and manufacturing methods are transparent, so you never have to wonder if what you’re chewing is really good for you.

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