Faces of Favour: Susan Harrison

Faces of Favour: Susan Harrison
This week on #FacesofFavour, we're chatting with mother, real estate broker, and fitness guru, Susan Harrison (@susansweats) about some of her current self-care practices, and how Favour fits into it all! Check out the full Q+A below! 

Q: Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and what you do.

A: Hi! I'm Susan Harrison - real estate broker, mom, and fitness addict. 

Q: How would your friends describe you?

A: My friends would describe me as honest, driven, fun and kind. 

Q: What's one thing you're passionate about? 

A: Staying fit! 

Q: What does self-care look like to you? How do you take time for yourself?

A:  Nourishing my mind, body and soul. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. I believe in “checking in” with yourself through out your day: taking stock of your breath, your emotions, what kind of thoughts you are letting in. And people — it is so important to surround yourself with real, positive and honest energy. Self care to me isn’t a ritual to be performed, but rather how you live day in and day out.

Q: How have you integrated Favour into your everyday routine, and  when do you use Favour?

A: I’m obsessed with it! I keep it in my car and will have it throughout the day as I’m driving to appointments.

Q: What are some of your at-home wellness tips right now?

A: This has been such an interesting time for everyone to discover all the different ways to stay connected while at home. I am a loyalist to Barry's At Home workouts and they have been a life saver during this time. I recommend starting your day with sweat — and what I love about the at home Zoom workouts is that whether it’s a one-on-one with a personal trainer, or a class, you feel connected and energized from that interaction. In many ways the opportunities right now are truly endless. If you think about it, the pandemic has forced all of us to pivot, and you can now workout with your favorite trainer over Zoom no matter where they (or you) are located!

Q: What's your current favorite song?

A: That’s tough! I’d have to say "Gaslighter" by the Dixie Chicks. 

Q: How do you do yourself a Favour?

A: I do myself a Favour by going for a long run with my favorite tunes! 

To learn more about Susan, head over to her Instagram here

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