Why Your Mental Health Matters - and How to Take Care of It

Why Your Mental Health Matters - and How to Take Care of It

The amount of issues we face today—simply due to the pressures of modern life—can be enormous. Feeling sad, anxious, panicked, or confused is normal in a world where we’re moving a mile a minute. In fact, one in five U.S. adults struggle with mental illness (many of whom are between 18 and their early to mid-20s). 

Your mental and emotional state can affect or interfere with work, school, sports, relationships, and more—and if you’re running on empty, it’s hard to put your best foot forward. Facing your mental health can be scary. It’s easy to feel like your problems don’t matter (and forget to take care of yourself), but in reality, checking up on your mind is the single most important thing you can do.

Even if you can’t control the things going on around you, you can start to take control of the way you feel by adding mental health-focused practices into your routine. Here are some of our favorite ways to take care of your mind!  

Get unplugged. 

The Internet can be a blessing and a curse. It connects us and powers many of our jobs, but it can also cause severe FOMO and cause us to compare ourselves to others. If you’ve ever lost hours to endless scroll syndrome, you know the web can also be a time suck and interrupt your productivity. Keeping the hour before bed and after you wake up tech-free can help improve your mood and keep you feeling focused and fresh. 

Mindfully consume stimulants like coffee and alcohol.

Feeling shaky or jittery is never fun. Caffeine, alcohol, and other stimulants that many of us tend to over consume can potentially make you feel on edge and interrupt sleep patterns. But especially in our home base of New York City, these beverages are a huge part of the social scene. We’re huge fans of moderation—instead of cutting out beverages and stimulants, try consuming them mindfully, and only if you want them. 

Sweat in a way that makes you happy.

When fitness feels like a chore, it’s difficult to feel excited or motivated. You may even feel scared or dread the sweat session on your calendar. If the thought of drudging through miles on a treadmill makes you sad, do a dance class. If you’re bored by yoga, get your moving meditation through a HIIT class. The best happiness-boosting exercise is one that’s fun—and makes you forget you’re even working out. 

Try a calming supplement like CBD. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has been shown through several studies to potentially calm generalized anxiety disorder. At Favour, we offer a conveniently packaged, perfectly-dosed CBD gum that has greater potency due to the oral delivery system. Helping you manage feelings of anxiety is just one of the many benefits each piece of gum provides—you can chew on it anywhere for relief in just a few minutes.  

Find a community of like-minded people. 

Putting yourself out there can be anxiety-inducing and downright uncomfortable. But finding a community-driven group for an activity you love—whether it’s running or art—can open up a new support system and provide ongoing encouragement. 

It’s okay not to be okay. If you’re struggling or going through something, tell someone close to you—or check out a resource like MadHappy’s e-pub, The Local Optimist, for more info on where to turn. Never be afraid to put yourself—or your mental health—first. 

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