Faces of Favour: Megan Bruneau (@meganjbruneau)

Faces of Favour: Megan Bruneau (@meganjbruneau)

This week on #FacesofFavour we're so excited to be featuring Therapist, Executive Coach, Speaker - and so much more - Megan Bruneau. Check out the full Q&A below!

Q: Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and what you do.

A: I'm Megan Bruneau. I'm a therapist, executive coach, writer, speaker, and (erratic) podcast host. Regardless of the medium, I help people learn how to do the shit that scares them and like themselves and their lives a little more. Originally, I'm from British Columbia, Canada, but I've been in NYC for a little over 5 years (well, and currently quarantining in Maryland).

Q: How would your friends describe you?

A: Empathic, outgoing, soulful.

Q: What’s one thing you’re passionate about?

A: Normalizing difficult emotions as part of the human experience.

Q: What does self-care look like to you?

A: Setting boundaries, moving my body, connecting meaningfully.

Q: How have you integrated Favour into your everyday routine, and  when do you use Favour?

A: I'm not a very "routine" type of gal, so still figuring this one out :)

Q: What are some of your at-home wellness tips right now? 

A: I've been struggling with this one. I'm super extroverted, so I'm used to getting my energy hit from bustling NYC coffee shops and my fav dance class, and grounding myself with pedicures and massages. While living with my boyfriend's parents in Maryland, I've been relying on walks around the neighborhood, baths, virtual yoga, FaceTimes and phone chats with friends, and setting boundaries with work and in my relationship. I'm also really calling on the work I teach clients: self-compassion. I have a history of eating disorders, and this is a really triggering time for those of us who are in recovery or recovered. I'm reminding myself it's okay for my body to change during this time and trying to make space for all the difficult emotions being brought to the surface (ED-related and beyond!)

Q: What’s your current favorite song?

A: I've been loving "Freedom" by Kygo but it changes every few days.

Q: How do you do yourself a Favour?

A: By saying "No" to unnecessary meetings.

To learn more about Megan, head over to her website, or follow her on Instagram

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