Faces of Favour: Kait Miller

Faces of Favour: Kait Miller
This week on #FacesofFavour, we sat down with Content Creator and Mental Health Advocate, Kait Miller. Check out the full Q+A below!

Q: Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and what you do.

A: I'm Kait! I currently live in Dallas, but have also lived in NYC, Salt Lake City, California, North Carolina, Virginia, & Georgia. I like to say I'm from a little bit of everywhere. I am a content creator, mental health advocate, & apartment locator.

Q: How would your friends describe you?

A: My friends would describe me as passionate, strong-willed, caring, and honest.

Q: What does self-care look like to you?

A: To me, self-care looks like anything from skincare & supplements, to reading a book or journaling before bed.

Q: How have you integrated Favour into your everyday routine, and  when do you use Favour?

A: I love using Favour mid day! Usually I pop Favour in right after lunch, for fresh breath + a little mood booster.

Q: What are some of your at-home wellness tips right now?

A: Journaling! This has been so beneficial to process all the things we are going through right now. The emotions come in waves, and transferring them onto a piece of paper is like a breath or fresh air. I've remained consistent in my workout routine, because this has always been huge for my mental health. Other than that, I'm trying to be intentional about communicating with friends and family & reach out to people when I'm feeling isolated or lonely. I know you read a lot to establish a consistent schedule or block of your time, but this hasn't really been something that works for me. I think the biggest thing is finding what works for YOU. Sometimes I'm up early, sometimes late. Sometimes I workout at 7am other days its 3pm. I've always liked the change up in my day to day, while still remaining consistent.

Q: What’s your current favorite song?

A: Right now, anything Justin Bieber - probably "Intentions." :) 

Q: How do you do yourself a Favour?

A: Therapy :)


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